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Commercial Interior Design

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur, you’ve probably acquired a few DIY skills along the way to handle a wide variety of challenges that have come your way. That being said, you may not think hiring an interior designer for your business is important.

The charge of the commercial interior designer, whether for retail, restaurants, hotels, salons, or offices, is to bring the brand to life — to make the brand an immersive experience that leads to a goal. The goal can be increased sales or employee retention, but there is always a goal. Professional commercial interior designers know how to use aesthetics to transform business goals into an environment that nurtures the success of the business goals while capturing the essence of the brand. That is one of the reasons why hiring a professional is important.

Commercial Interior Design

Another reason is that we work with a network of select vendors and enjoy discounts and other resources that are not otherwise available.

Commercial Interior Designers are trained to be excellent visual storytellers and often the entrepreneur doesn’t have time for the attention to detail required to truly design the space to it’s fullest potential. And, as with all of the arts, designing a commercial space is more difficult than it looks.

Our Commercial Design Market

Based in Elizabeth City, NC, Sanctuary Design Co. offers commercial design services to all of Northeastern NC, including the Outer Banks and select areas of Southeastern VA including Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, and VA Beach. We are available to work with retail shops, salons, spas, restaurants, bars, hotels and corporate offices to create distinguished, unique experiences.

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