Design Scheme Samples of fabrics, colors, and tiles


If you’re a young or small interior design business, paying retail prices for home furnishings can make it nearly impossible to provide quality design services without going over budget or severely affecting your profit margin.

Many interior designers often can’t meet the minimum requirements for wholesale pricing because most bespoke residential designs are essentially one-offs. 

Thibaut Brand with fabrics

That’s where our Trade Program can help. 

When you join our Trade Program, you’ll have access to the top brands of home furnishings at wholesale rates. Some discounted rates are as high as 50%.

As a designer, you may choose to split the savings with your client or charge your client the retail price and keep the difference as commission. That depends on your business model. 

Keep in mind, the ability to offer significant discounts are a strong selling point and can give you a competitive edge. 

In addition to wholesale pricing, when you are accepted into our Trade Program, you’ll receive support and assistance with:

  • Acquiring samples
  • Placing orders
  • Inspecting merchandise
  • Monitoring deliveries

Qualifications:  Our requirements are very simple. You’ll need a business license and retail certificate. Fill out the form below to get started.

Deco Tile samples with Designer in background