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Contractor's services

Whether your project is new construction, a flip, or a remodel for residential or commercial properties, our design team saves you time and stress while delivering the absolute best aesthetics for your client’s budget. 

Contractor Bathroom Design

As the contractor, you’ll focus on all of the things you do best — all of the practical aspects of the project like plumbing, electricity, and all of the things encompassed in the build. Our talents are all about the flow, lighting, and overall aesthetics that make the space unique and tailored to your client’s taste.

 We can help keep your project on schedule by assisting your client with material decisions, design changes, and budgeting. As a contractor, you’ve most likely faced numerous project delays because your clients are trying to make decisions about colors, materials, and finishes for every room while staying within a budget and creating a unique space that is creative and highly personal. This is no small task for the inexperienced. 

That’s where we come in. Our experienced, talented team knows how to quickly get the right products in front of your clients and our wholesale partnerships with manufacturers makes sure we can deliver excellent products at the best price. We work ahead of your schedule to make sure all of the decisions are made by the time you need them.

Our goal is to make your life easier and your clients happier.

Contractor Living Room


What areas do we serve?

Sanctuary Design Co. is based in Elizabeth City, NC and serves all of Northeastern NC as well as select areas in Southeastern VA including Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, and VA Beach.

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